Born and raised in East Tennessee, Stacy Hobbs aka Steampunk Stace (SPS), has been playing the guitar for over thirty years!  To this day he continues to explore the sonic realms of the six string guitar, mandolin, and harp guitar! Early on SPS began taking guitar lessons from local instructor Les Dotson.  Here he learned classic rock and roll, early blues, traditional appalachian music and jazz. He also developed a deep appreciation for guitars both vintage and new. 


Two of the fingerstyle artists who have had the most influence on SPS are John Renbourn and Michael Hedges, both artists who sadly, are no longer on this earth. Through studying the works of Early music master John Renbourn, SPS developed an ear for harmony and counterpoint lines while Hedges fueled his desire for two handed tapping and playing the harp guitar!


Steampunk Stace began recording in 1990 and  produced 7 CD's, under the auspices of Stacy Hobbs, in the years to follow. 


He has had the good fortune of sharing the stage with many of today's top artist's in the ever changing acoustic scene including Roy Bookbinder, the late John Renbourn, Muriel Anderson, Andy McKee, Kelly Joe Phelps, Les Dotson, David Bromberg, Stephen Bennett, John Doan, the late Buster B Jones, and others!  


His writing has been published in Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine (2nd Issue) and online at, producing a series of articles titled "Beyond Six Strings"


 After hustling gigs and teaching lessons for the past 3 decades SPS has settled into a beach lifestyle in Northeast Florida where he enjoys gainful employment (day job), surfs, and plays the local festivals, concert halls or restaurants on occasion! It's a simple lifestyle that suits him!