Steampunk Stace is a free spirited musician who uses an instrument known as a Harp Guitar (a true Airship if ever I've ridden one, he says) for traveling through time and capturing sounds from centuries old and unchartered futures!

He brings to your world an energetic and exciting performance through a synthesis of Celtic, Ragtime, Rock-n-Roll, Jazz, Classical, New Age and Original stylings - all on solo Harp Guitar! This Century he is stressing the Rock-n-Roll part fairly heavy along with writing a lot of engaging instrumentals!

Steampunk Stace has three main Airships:

  • A 1909 Stahl Harp Guitar
  • 1915 Dyer Style 7 Harp Guitar
  • 2006 Martin OM Perry Bechtel Mode


Both Harp Guitars were built by the Larson Brothers of Chicago. Carl and August Larson were excellent builders during their time (or any other) and produced a quality of instrument that rivaled the likes of Martin and Gibson! Their grandson, Bob Hartman, has spent years researching the work of Carl and August, memorializing the Larson Legacy in print - and would inevitably receive new information before the ink had dried on each new edition! His latest book on the subject is titled "The Larson Creations" Guitars and Mandolins, by Robert Carl Hartman - Centerstream publishing! Order a copy to find out more about the fascinating and creative world of the Larson Bros!

The Martin OM is an interesting Airship !! It is one of 29 built by Martin as commissioned by Gryphon String Instrument Co. to commemorate the original Perry Bechtel OM model as requested by Mr. Bechtel in 1929 ! The most notable difference is the slotted headstock on an OM style body! More subtle is the 12" fretboard radius - as opposed to the more common 16" radius. This combination gives the guitar a sound and feel unlike any other OM produced by Martin - full, dark and rich in tone!

Currently Steampunk Stace is sold out of all 7 CD's produced and would like to Thank every one of you who helped make that possible!

Click the player below to hear an original piece called "Misplaced Fate"; also available as a FREE download - just click on the Audio MP3 at the top of page! N-Joy!!!